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6 July 2012

Garden Landscaping with Decorative Aggregate

Aggregate is the best material when it comes to garden landscaping, it not only gives an aesthetic appeal to the garden but also has some other features as well.  One can easily add shine and color to the garden by choosing among so many colors and textures available. We see offices and restaurants decorated with bright pebbles and wish to have them in the personal gardens. Now it is quite easy to have that same look in your garden as well. Companies are offering all kinds of stones and decorative aggregate that can add a charismatic touch to your garden.  Few people prefer putting the stones on the sides on the garden and filling the rest of the space with grass, while some make a walkway in the middle and leave the grass on the sides.

Ideas for decoration

Placing the pebbles next to the pond or fountains creates an amazing look. One should match the color of the aggregate with the color of the furnishing that you have used in the garden else you would end up creating a mismatch. More it look natural more pleasing it becomes. If you are creative enough you can mix and match the decorative aggregate to create some antique design. You can put these pebbles next to the bed of flower which with highlight the color for the flowers and make them look more beauteous.

Low Maintenance Decoration

Gravel and aggregate are considered to be the most inexpensive and low maintenance decorative item. You can get them in small portion or in bulks depending upon the size of your garden and according to your need. Once you have bought them it will remain in your garden without turning bad or rotting. It also reduces the chance of extra weed growing as it covers that space completely and stop further growth hence saving your time. You do not even have to bother about their cleaning, they can manage on their own and gets cleaned during rain.

If you use the garden for relaxation choose the decorative aggregate quite carefully, they are also available in dark and bright color so decide before buying if it would suit your taste or not. The color of the gravel should not be distracting rather it should complement the types of flowers and plants you have in your garden. Do make some space where you can walk upon them and feel the crunch of those pebbles below your feet. 

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4 July 2012

Let our Gravel Calculator do the work!

When it comes to trying to work out how much aggregate you may need to transform your outside space it can be quite a daunting task.

Let our gravel calculator work out how many packed poly bags or bulk bags you will need for your garden or driveway.

When lying aggregate the depth depends on the size and what it will be used for. If you have a garden which is approximately 5 metres x 5 metres and lay gravel with an average depth of 4cm then you will need two aggregate bulk bags.

What is the best depth to lay gravel?

10mm gravel/ aggregate is generally laid at approximately 3-4cm (This is 1.5 inches). You will need an extra centimetre if you are planning to use the gravel/aggregate on a driveway.

20mm gravel/aggregate is generally laid at approximately 4-5cm (This is 2 inches).

If you are looking to purchase a large quantity of bulk bags please contact our sales line on 0113 320 0890, we can calculate the best prices for you. We also offer loose loads direct to building sites or larger landscaping projects.

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