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4 November 2013

3 Types of Aggregate that will Rock your Garden

Aggregates are one of the best materials that you can sue throughout your garden; buy utilising aggregates you can cut your water, gardening and electricity bills. Using aggregates in your garden makes it much simpler for you to maintain your outdoor area, but how do you know which type of aggregate is right for your garden?

There are a variety of aggregates that you could use within your garden, but here are our top three from Aggregate Shop.


#3 – Crushed Granite Gravel

Crushed granite gravel is not as fine as decomposed granite and has less of a granular texture; crushed granite gravel is made up of larger particles than decomposed granite and has a slightly rougher texture too.


This type of aggregate is ideal for walkways, paths and for creating designs within your garden as it gives a polished and contemporary look to your garden. On the other hand if you live in a rural area it can be difficult to get a hold of a large amount of crushed granite gravel and if you do obtain some it can cost up to twice the price of standard decomposed granite.


Crushed granite gravel does not require a great deal of maintenance and is very resistant to the majority of weather conditions. It’s suggested that you replace or add to your crushed granite gravel once every few years when weather conditions are dry.


#2 – Paddle Stones

Paddle stones are quite large stones when compared to various types of gravel that can be used within the garden. Paddle stones are often made of slate and come in an assortment of colours, including purple, grey and several shades of blue.


Paddle stones are perfect for creating rockeries and for surrounding water features such as fountains as their shape and their colour compliments the way the water falls from the feature. Paddle stones are also an excellent way of preventing weeds from growing within your garden as it is difficult for weeds to grow on these slate stones and the weeds cannot access the soil beneath the slate.


#1 – Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is made up of very small rounded stones, which as the name suggests, are approximately the size of a pea. Pea gravel can come in a variety of colours but the majority of pea gravel can range from colours such as tan, white, grey and brown.


Pea gravel is often inexpensive and is also readily available. A bag of pea gravel can cost as little as £2.50 if you exclude delivery or shipping prices. Pea gravel is ideal for patios and pathways within your garden but keep in mind that anything with wheels is likely to become stuck in the pea gravel as the wheels can sink.


There is one thing that you should keep in mind when using pea gravel within your garden is that you still need to weed on a regular basis so that maintenance does not become a vast and time consuming task.


There are a variety of other aggregates that you can use within your garden, bur whichever one you select, remember that it’s often cheaper to buy in bulk than it is to purchase small and precise amounts of aggregates. For more information on calculating the mass of aggregates that is appropriate for your garden or for professional aggregate advice you can get in touch with us here at Aggregate Shop.

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