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8 November 2013

The Risks of a Garden without Rock

Through our previous articles we’ve discussed why the use of aggregates within your garden is important and how you can utilise them to create the best garden possible; but we haven’t explained the disadvantages of a garden that does not use aggregates. There are plenty of advantages to using a variety of rocks within your garden – but here’s what would happen if you did not include these aggregates or did not use enough of them throughout your garden and home.



If you do not use aggregates within your garden it’s likely that you will instead have a large amount of uncovered soil or lawn with flowering borders. This variety of foliage will need maintaining; which means that you will have to spend a portion of your time each month tidying up your garden and ensuring that you take care of the waste. You are also likely to increase your electricity bills by mowing the lawn or trimming flowering hedges and bushes within your garden.



If you do not use sand or fine gravel within your soil you could find that in wet weather your soil begins to compact and the drainage becomes very poor. If the drainage within your soil is reduced too greatly your lawn can become unhealthy and if the drainage doesn’t improve your soil can begin to die.



Without aggregates in your garden your soil can begin to die – once your lawn is dead you will be left with compacted soil that turns into mud during wet weather conditions. This mud can be trodden in to your house on a regular basis; theoretically you will have to spend an increased amount of time maintaining your garden and maintaining your home.



Wildlife can come in a variety of forms, not all of them are large enough for you to notice, but they can be incredibly useful. If you do not have any aggregates there are specific types of wildlife that you will not be able to lure into your garden. If you’re not attracting a wide variety of wildlife to your garden you could find that your garden is less interesting and also less attractive.



If there aren’t any aggregates within your garden you are effectively reducing the quality of peace that you are obtaining from your garden. Using aggregates throughout your garden as part of a design or pattern can improve the appearance of your garden which in turn can enhance your mood. An enhanced mood can reduce the effects of insomnia, stress and anxiety – by avoiding the use of aggregates within your garden you could potentially cause your health to deteriorate.


So if you avoid the use of aggregates within your garden you’re likely to spend more time cleaning or maintaining your garden and less time relaxing in the quiet of your home. For more information on aggregates or for the finest quality aggregates and services you can get in touch with us here at Aggregate Shop.

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