Slate Chippings & Paddlestones

Transform your garden into a modern, low maintenance landscape with our range of stunning decorative slate chippings. The natural characteristics of slate give a glossy look when wet, yet a dusky texture when dry, adding real beauty to garden situations. Slate aide’s moisture retention in soil and helps to suppress weeds.


Spanish White Pebbles 20-30mm

Spanish white pebbles ideal for gardens and landscaping projects.

was £499.99
from £349.99

Dorset Pebbles 20-40mm

Dorset pebbles ideal for paths, gardens and landscaping projects.

was £139.99
from £99.99

York Grey Chippings 14mm

A 14mm York grey chipping ideal for paths, gardens and driveways.

was £139.99
from £99.99

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